How Team Playing Styles & Quality Affect Soccer Betting Predictions?

When it comes to betting on soccer, it is important to learn how to make predictions. It can be a very complex process that requires much more than just betting on your favorite side or going by your own opinion or guesswork. There are tons of factors at play and as a bettor, you may not even know which ones have the highest priority. This is why you should rely on expert whoscored Predictions. Our tipsters have years of experience making predictions, betting, and winning. We identify the most important factors for each match and evaluate them before coming up with our tips.

While there are many factors are at play, the style of play and quality of the team are among the most important. So how do you evaluate these betting prediction factors? Find out in this guide where the example of whoscored liverpool analysis is carried out at places to make things simpler for you.

How Style of Play Affects a Match?

Most of the other whoscored Predictions factors that affect football matches are statistical. It is possible to find data from past match records to evaluate those factors. But the playing style of a team is not a tangible factor like that. It will require a basic understanding of football to be able to assess a team’s playing style. It is also required to spend a lot of time watching how a team plays.

Liverpool’s Playing Style

If you are betting on a match that has Liverpool FC as one side, consider the following points for different scenarios.




Liverpool Against Weaker Teams

The whoscored liverpool when playing against a weaker team is as follows:

  • The team plays offensively against weaker teams
  • There is lots of free flow attack and interplay
  • There is high press to ensure that the ball is retained the moment it is lost

All this helps the club create lots of chances and many get converted.

Liverpool Against Strong Teams

Liverpool FC comes at the top of the tier when it comes to the strongest teams in Europe. So it is difficult to label which teams are stronger than it. However, most of the time it plays a strong team, it follows the following playing style:

  • There is even enhanced emphasis on playing a pressing game
  • The sides likely to play from the back can find themselves to be vulnerable
  • Every time Liverpool has the possession, they are quick in taking the ball forward

Role of Team Manager in Playing Style

While teams can have their general playing style that they follow for years or decades, every new team manager is going to contribute to it. A new manager is going to have a different philosophy compared to the earlier one. When a manager stays in a club for a long time, this philosophy is going to influence that team.

  • Some focus more on building a strong defense. For example, Jose Mourinho created teams that were extremely difficult to defeat.
  • Managers that focus on an attacking form of play want to keep constant pressure on the opposite side. Some prefer keeping the possession at all times.

So, when evaluating the style of a team, especially if it has a relatively newer manager, you should check the career history of the manager. So when making whoscored Predictions, it pays to know about the style and philosophy of both sides’ managers. At the same time, it is important to realize that a new manager takes several months before their philosophy can take effect. Sometimes, it can be almost half the season before the team’s playing style can get influenced.

Clash of Different Playing Styles

Once you have identified the playing style of a team, it is required to compare it between both sides.

  • 2 Defensive Teams: If both sides play defensively, the match is going to be aggressively defensive. You are likely to make more accurate whoscored Predictions It is highly likely that the match is going to end in a draw.
  • 2 Offensive Teams: If both sides are known for playing offensively, then you can expect the match to be a high-scoring one. In such a case, a team with a stronger defense may have a slight edge.

Team Quality as a Betting Factor

As already mentioned, team quality is also an important factor that influences whoscored Predictions. It may seem to be obvious when teams like Liverpool, Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus are involved. But how do you make predictions when both sides are equally strong.





  • Evaluating the quality of individual players can be easy, but assessing the quality of the entire team can be difficult
  • Usually, a team comprising of great players doesn’t mean that the team is also great
  • There have always been teams with the best players in the world, but they failed to deliver as a team consistently
  • There are high-quality teams, with average-quality players, that have performed well consistently and have won more titles

Brazil once had some of the greatest strikers, midfielders, and strikers of all time playing at the same time. This included names like Ronaldo, Rivaldo, and Roberto Carlos. Despite being the best squad in the world, they performed poorly in the FIFA World Cup Final in 1998.

So when it comes to assessing team quality, it requires much more than checking the talent of the players. Some of the other factors, for example in the case of whoscored liverpool, can include:

  • Team spirit
  • Quality of coaches and manager
  • Players’ style compatibility
  • Squad balance

There is a reason why soccer clubs and teams are always focused on grabbing the best managers from around the world. The right managers know the art of drawing the best out of each player. Teams win titles consistently not by celebrating the stardom or talent of a few players, but by achieving something big as a group.

So whether it is predictions for whoscored liverpool or any other team, you have to take into account the playing style on both sides and the overall quality of each team. And this is where you will need the help of experienced tipsters who have seen it all and have been betting and winning for years, if not more than a decade.