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A half time full time score bet is one of the most common soccer betting options used by punters today. To have this particular option on your bet slip, you are expected to predict the outcome of a football match at the interval and at the end of normal football regulation time. Most importantly, this option demands that you place two bets and they must both come true before you can have a victor bet.

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Understanding the simple way of handling the half time full-time betting system

In short, this particular betting option requires punters to predict the outcome of a football game at half time and at full time. Your prediction on a particular match at half time and full time must both come true in order for you to win the bet. In other words, both parts of a punter’s stake must be correct before the individual can have a winning betting ticket.

For instance, let us assume Real Madrid are winning at half time with 2-1 against Chelsea in a UEFA Champions League match. The full time result is then 3-2 to the Los Blancos. In order for you to win this, you are expected to accurately predict both scores. This is still a half time full time bet even if Real Madrid was unable to score or concede after the end of the football match. All you need to do is to predict the score that let them win the soccer game.

A few important Guidelines on half time full time bet you need to be a serial winner

Here at whoscored, we normally update our site with half time full time score betting predictions and tips regularly. Our team of highly skilled professionals efficiently workout these tips from all the major soccer leagues and games in the world. We have provided below a few general pieces of advice on how you can be a serial successful bettor:

  • Make use of statistics: the key advantage of taking note of this can’t be overemphasized – past match histories between clubs can go a long way in predicting the outcomes of the future ones. A success-oriented punter is always on the lookout for the past data and analytics of every team under his/her consideration for betting selection. Look at each team’s recent form, home/away record, amount of goals scored and conceded, etc.
  • Watch out for offers: these days, a lot of bookies provide free bet offers, enhanced odds offers, and some other important deals you can take advantage of. In some cases, these offers are only made available for first time bettors. You can simply use these offers to win a huge amount of money consistently at the expense of these bookmakers.

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